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● June 2014: I’m buried in reading, planning and thinking. Also panicking! This is going to be the toughest challenge yet. But it has to be done. Just don’t expect any news for the next little while …

● In August the paperback of The Brain Supremacy is due, with an excellent new cover.

● 27 March 2014:  today I signed my new contract with OUP.

● March 2014: On the downside, the theatre director’s grant application didn’t come off. On the good side, my new book proposal has been accepted by Oxford University Press.

● December 2013: A brainwashing-related podcast for The Naked Scientists, to which I contributed, is now out, available here.

● November 2013: Starting to think about a new project. Very early days though.

● October 2013: I’ve been working on some fiction to pass the time and keep my writing habits in good shape. I’ve also been approached by the director of a French theatre group, who’s interested in working up a piece about cruelty.

● August: Edinburgh, and a fascinating co-talk with Giovanni Frazzetto, plus excellent questions, brings my festival season to an end. Now for a much-needed rest.

● My talk at the Ways with Words Festival in lovely Dartington (July 11) was marked by an interview with the Telegraph’s Peter Stanford, which does a far better job of reporting what I said than some of his media colleagues have — not least because he actually talked to me.

● On this summer — I’ve contributed to an exhibition by Swedish artist Sonja Nilsson at the Swedish kunsthalle Färgfabriken. Funny how arts people will tackle subjects that scientists sometimes shy away from.

● Festival dates: the Edinburgh Book Festival (August 12), where I’m on jointly with Giovanni Frazzetto, should be interesting. (Though they’ve used an old photo of me, which I hate, on the website, and I can’t find one of him, which I don’t think is fair!)

● I have recently given a talk to science-interested civil servants in the Treasury building in Whitehall, London. The building’s amazing, and the audience were great.

● My books have been Kindled. See my Amazon store.

● I contributed some thoughts to Radio Four’s The Human Zoo on Tuesday 2 April.

● I’ve just discovered that my short story about neurons made the shortlist in a major competition. Very encouraging!

● On Monday April 8 I’m due to speak about brainwashing at the Barbican in London, where the Wellcome Trust are showing that great political thriller The Manchurian Candidate. The original (and better) 1962 version, I might add. To prepare I’ve had to watch it. Again. <Sigh>

● I was made very welcome at Keswick, and my talk went well — so well, that I’ve been invited to their sister festival in beautiful Dartington. Meanwhile, next up is Oxford.

● I’m venturing into the world of online video. Educationally, I hope! If you’d like to take a look, try YouTube.

● I’ve finally got around to adding a contact form to the site. Sorry it took so long. I didn’t really believe anyone would want to bother getting in touch — except the odd troll (no thanks). But then there were lots of kind and encouraging comments on my blog, so I’ve summoned the nerve to open up another channel of communication.

● A nice start to 2013 comes with an invitation to speak about The Brain Supremacy at the Hay-on-Wye festival in May. Time to start saving for a visit to all those lovely bookshops …

The Brain Supremacy has been excerpted on Here’s the link.

● Festival news 2012-13 – I’ve been asked to do the Oxford Literary Festival (Saturday 23 March) and Words By The Water (starting off March with a visit to beautiful Keswick).

● I’m currently exploring new projects, in traditional and new media. For example, I’ve been invited to blog for Psychology Today. My piece on The Brain Supremacy for OUP’s blog is also now available.

● I was interviewed about Cruelty for Egyptian radio in November 2012. A three-way Skype call including simultaneous translation is quite a challenge. Wish I could speak Arabic. ‘Salaam alaikum!’ to friends from the Arab world.

● A piece on nutrition and the brain co-authored with John Stein, ‘You are what you eat’, is now out, in the European Union’s Public Service Review.

● I was interviewed about Cruelty by Raoul Martinez for the film Creating Freedom, which was nominated for Best Documentary at the Raindance Film Festival in September 2012.

● Festival news 2012-13 – I spoke at the Lichfield Literature Festival (Tuesday 2nd October, lovely audience!) and have been asked to do Words by the Water, in Keswick (Sunday 10th March).

The Brain Supremacy is published on 25 October. It’s featured on the Huffington Post Science site.

● July 2012 – I am now a Science Fellow of the Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour (IFBB).

● March 2012 – My commissioned piece for the Royal Society of Arts‘ RSA Journal has been published, making the cover, with handsome production values and a fine image.

● December 2011 – Following the death of Kim Jong-il, the Guardian and the Daily Mirror both asked me for a piece on brainwashing. Cue lots of work to meet their deadlines!

● December 2011 – It’s ‘review of the year’ time. Everyone else does it, so here’s my view of 2011 in science.

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